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Independent Vehicle Consultants Limited (IVC) - Fleet Management

Independent Vehicle Consultants (IVC) is able to offer the complete day to day management of your fleet. We can do this for the fleet you already have or the fleet you intend to purchase.

In essence we agree funding and then we take care of the headaches. We will never spend any of your money without prior agreement. After agreeing a schedule you can relax knowing that MOT's, oil changes, regular services, tyre and brake checks, general maintenance and advice on disposal times will all be taken care of by IVC.

It is the proactive way to take care of health and safety issues, and to avoid large insurance claims against you.

Independent Vehicle Consultants (IVC) provides bespoke fleet management solutions to our clients allowing them to meet their fleet management needs in the most cost effective way.

Independent Vehicle Consultants (IVC) administers all facets of fleet management, allowing clients to focus on the core business. while Independent Vehicle Consultants (IVC) keeps the fleet on the road.

The wide range of fleet management services available include; choosing optimum vehicle specification, vehicle maintenance, monitoring road fund licensing, administering any legal testing requirements, accident management, and vehicle disposal.

Our initial consultation is free, you have nothing to lose other than the time it takes. Simply contact us and we will show you the benefits.